Hospital Construction Projects

Projects of hospital construction occupy a prominent place among priorities in macro policies of almost all nations as concern for health enjoys a prominent place in development world over.

All governments feel obliged to undertake such projects due to recognition of their vital role in development in spite of administrative and budget fluctuations they suffer from.

In the meantime, the sharp growth in what can be named “medical tourism” in Iran in the past decade due to the relatively superior advancement of medical expertise in the country compared to other nations in the region, has led to the development of centers for medical services both in number and quality. Encouraged by growing demands of foreign customers, this development marks an outstanding field of investment especially for private sector.

This kind of projects stands out for the special requirements peculiar to them surpassing the standards of constructions of other kinds. They pertain to proper structure and material as well as meeting the needs of their external environment. Strength, resistance to natural damaging forces and capability to pass critical situations safely are parameters embodying these especial standards.

The record Azarestan Company holds in projects of such quality testifies to the company having passed the tests proving its technical merit in the field.

The following includes some of the projects Azarestan has accomplished: