Construction projects have always been among very complicated processes of management and implementation.

Huge manmade structures whether in ancient Egypt such as Pyramids or in modern big cities like sky scrapers have always fascinated man and motivated him to explore how such miraculous achievements became possible; how vast is human capacity for engineering and how sharp his mind is.

Thirty five years of experience in the field of construction entitles “Omran – Azarestan” company to become the largest possession of Azarestan Group enriched with a wealth of invaluable skill in management, engineering and implementation of projects in addition to ownership of all logistic and technological equipment needed. Azarestan stands out especially for this unique characteristic.

Azarestan actually own all the software and hardware needed for its job while many other grand players in construction industry fail to do so. They need rely on third parties borrowing from them a big part of the needed instrument and equipment temporarily as the projects at hand require. That is why Azarestan singles out as possessing this objective advantage in the industry and among the guild.