In addition to responsibility for their own benefit, organizations are also responsible for the society that host them; they ought to work for the betterment of people’s life. Consequently, they are morally indebted to people, must allocate a part of their benefit to social welfare and cultural activity directly or indirectly. For this reason, Azrestn Group for Business Development has tried from the advent of its foundation, to meet this commitment via supporting cultural institutions like libraries schools and other foundations. Among Azarestan’s activities in this field are:

Financial support for a cultural institution working on children called “ Bonyad – Kudak”

Financial support for the Center for research on history of literature dedicated to children

Founding a child museum called Iranak

Holding two symposiums titled “read with me” and declaring Baghcheh Ban prize for competition

Founding a library especially for children and teenagers named Sadr al Waedhin

Founding a library for a factory owned by Sazwar Sazeh Azarestan company

Allocating a gift to the office of the general director of education in the city of Giroft

Building a charity school in the province of Bushehr

Aids, financial and otherwise, for earthquake stricken zones in provinces Kermanshah, Azarbayjan Sharqi and Ardabil

Financial support and entrepreneurship for employment and further education of young graduates and specialists

Publication of a collection of poems titled Heidar Baba by the grand poet Shahriar along with the Persian translation for promotion of Persian culture and further acquaintance of Persian language speakers with their cultural heritage.