We believe that healthy man is the agent of sustainable development. Based on our belief and backed by the declaration of UN summit on environment, we assure our employees, their families and the whole society that Azarestan Group for Business Development endeavors to provide a working atmosphere and for them and for the next generation free from risk, insecurity, damage to environment or any pattern of development that fails to be sustainable.

We take responsibility for hygiene, security and environmental issues in all our activities and projects in the Azarestan Group for Business Development. We are proud that nowadays the culture of hygiene, security and care for environment has covered all the subdivisions of the company. These parameters are strictly observed in all civil and industrial projects. The promotion of this trend is closely supervised.

Using “Health, Safety and Environment Management System” and “Integrated Management System” we constantly check health, safety and environment activity in order to promote the values set by it and prevent any damage to people environment and property. As a contractor company in the field of construction industry, we do our best to protect the material and spiritual resources of our beloved Iran in our little contribution to national interest of the nation.