Industrial Projects

In describing what a process involves, we need make use of notions such as “foundation” and “ground”. Every established and independent process requires a locus equipped and secured.

Every process aims at some defined activity. So, various activities form various processes. Every process includes a number of well - defined steps. Depending on the type of activity for which a process is designed, the component steps, parts and stages of the process vary. Whether or not the locus is appropriate for the process, depends on the technical and administrative complexity involved in identifying the operation path for that process.

Industry is a process aimed at production. Production line embodies the operation path that requires the engineering and construction suitable for that particular industry in every step, stage and detail.

The important characteristic feature of industrial construction projects is that they must meet the commitment to secure and guarantee the stability of a process in long run as well as its durability and security.

This is due to the fact that the contractors that undertake such projects must not only master all the qualifications needed for the principal task of building but also a vast area of inter disciplinary subject matters pertinent to requirements of other relevant branches of industry in order to be capable of flexibility in complex situations.