Ceramic Slabs Production

Ceramic is popular in architecture not only for historical and cultural reasons but also for its very nature and especial quality as a kind of building material.

Because of durability, resistance and flexibility, ceramic is ideal for floor, wall and even roof of buildings.

Another important advantage of this product is its especial function in adjusting the temperature inside the building and flexible reaction to changes in climate.

Ceramic can absorb and keep heat in day time and release it at night thereby keeping the internal temperature stable. This affects energy consumption appropriately and reduces the cost.

Ceramics can play the role of sound insulator too, the feature especially useful and important in big cities where sound pollution is a problem.

High flexibility ceramic enjoys as to color, design, pattern and size enables internal architects and engineers to produce unique environment on demand.

Ceramic slabs as comparatively sizeable pieces of several square meters multiply the desirable features of ceramic as they can cover wider and vast areas.

Another characteristic feature of this kind of building material is its high capacity for various styles of designing and modelling that makes it possible to produce a variety of visual impressions representing the apparent beauty of natural objects such as wood and marble through it.

Ceramic slabs are now favorite tools for architects as the result of those features. Designers rely on ceramic slaps for developing their creativity and creating unprecedented spaces and environments.

One further advantage of ceramic slabs is in regard to hygiene. The smooth and seamless surface of the slabs prevents concentration of polluting materials and accumulation of bacteria in the same way that it deters dust and working as anti allergy factor. Thus, it contributes to the betterment of life style of the inhabitants and to further stability of the residential structure.

The delicate part of the process of building construction comes at the final steps where the quality of the internal structure stands out. Azarestan company has founded Roja Tejarat Azarestan sub company in order to enhance this part of its values. The mission is to provide for the material needed in the final phases of construction. Through first importing materials needed for the interior like ceramic, and then, transfer of technology and technical expertise in the field, it finally added production of luxurious ceramic slabs to its missions.