Azarestan Business Development

“Azarestan Business Development Group” emerged in May 2018 out of 30 years of experience its managers and founders accumulated in “Omran e Azarestan Company”.

It was, then, felt necessary to found a unified and encompassing organization in order to utilize accumulated expertise and capital achieved in three decades and program for investment in and enhancement of construction industry and the affiliated branches.

Azarestan Group includes five private companies with limited responsibility each specialized in a particular field:

“Omran Azarestan” as contractor in the field of industrial civil projects
“Sazwar Sazeh Azarestan” as producer of structures as well as metal equipment pertinent to construction, industrial projects oil and gas.
“Emarat e Pishgam e Azarestan” active in the field of management of luxurious residential and administrative projects
“Bespar Pey Iranian” active in the field of geotechnical engineering and …
Roja Tejarat e Azarestan” as producer and importer and distributor of luxurious ceramic slabs

Azarestan Company enjoys self-sufficiency as far as implementation of megaprojects is concerned. This is due to a combination of capabilities including:

Financial and credit capability increased through decades

A community of elected colleagues all expert in the industry

Documented experience in management of various relevant processes including designing, engineering, implementing and transfer of technology

Possessing a unique and updated set of technical equipment, machinery and well organized logistical transportation means.

The high degree of commitment and the adequate power for finalizing undertaken projects Azarestan Company enjoys as two outstanding advantages in this industry, stem from the intelligent and synergetic network of operational interaction grounded in the above four capabilities.