The quality the chain of supply in a construction process enjoys, determines the quality of the process itself and guarantees that the timing and the budget are properly set. The more diverse the gents involved in the process including material suppliers, parts manufacturers, different contractors and logistic service providers are, the more complicated the chain becomes.

Among sensitive stages of construction management, the preservation of order in this chain and effective control over it stand out.

The process of construction involves a great variety of materials, multiple kinds of equipment, detailed complex implementation operations in addition to technical and logistic instruments that in turn makes it necessary to deploy a large network of suppliers. This applies to Azarestan Company as well taking into account the fact that the company possesses the main chin of equipment needed for its operations.

Through the considerably long presence of Azarestan in the field of construction industry s well s the high capability for networking it enjoys, a wide range of competent suppliers have joined the Group.

It is a conviction on the part of Azarestan that as the family of suppliers grows larger and more efficient even via direct assistance, the whole community of construction industry advances in a win-win game more effectively and the very concepts of flourishment and construction develop further.