Oil, Gas Equipments Production

As an industrial process involves heavy weight and large size, steel structures become essential in the industry.

The complexity of steel structures and skeletons stems not only from their function i.e. currying heavy weight and colossal volume of industrial buildings but also on account of the role they play as a part of production process in the field of industry.

In order to cope with high complexity of production process, it is necessary to guarantee the required resistance of the structure and, at the same time, to meet the requirements of fine planning. This involves deployment of high tech and capability for accurate measurement of movement and weight as well.

The heavy and semi heavy equipment used in oil, gas and petro chemical projects are among very complex structures since the very structure itself must, like a machine, be capable of reacting whenever necessary in the industrial process. That is why steel equipment and instruments become as complicated and sensitive giant machines are.

Among outstanding examples, we may mention scaffoldings used in petrochemical, oil and mining industry, structure machine fabrics, car manufacturing salons, globular tanks used in refineries and structures holding up steel industry equipment.

Among important projects of this field in Azarestan, we may mention the following: