Azarestan Company has chosen construction industry and the branches affiliated to it as the main theme for development and investment both in Iran and in neighboring countries. This has become possible thanks to the financial and credit capacity it has gradually and constantly accumulated and its full possession of the machinery required for the chain of operations.

What guarantees the quality of projects Azarestan undertakes consists in a wealth of 35 years of work experience in the field of construction management and a set of technical and moral obligations pertinent to implementation Azarestan is dedicated to.

Constant work on refining the processes of implementation of projects according to an established quality control system, has enhanced the quality of work to a level where Azarestan became capable of setting up its own standards for quality guarantee.

Azarestan Group for Business Promotion has added to the list of targets pursued by the company, investment on exemplary projects to be recognized as criterion of quality and the implementation of such projects in residential, administrative and commercial fields. This is due to that wealth of work experience as well as recognition of urgent need to enhancement of urban life quality.

In the meantime, technological and logistic capabilities Azarestan enjoys and the equipment it posses have singled out the company as one of rare candidates for carrying out giant industrial and mineral projects nationwide.

As a result, Azarestan functions as an intelligent network backed by skill and capital in assessment and evaluation of plans, ideas and proposed participation in shared projects and investment as a prelude to its final decision to contribute.

The fundamental commitment on the part of Azarestan is to take part in construction on world scale and creation of sustainable value for both public and private sectors.