Construction skill is itself a process grounded in exact calculation, accurate measurement and perfect implementation. The need to exactitude motivated man to invent technology.

Only via the exactitude technology provides can we envisage and implement, in future, super projects which are now beyond human imagination.

The technological wealth Azarestan is proud to enjoy constitutes updated science backed skill, capacity for complicated calculations in engineering and modern updated equipment meeting global standards recognized today.

New technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), automation and robotic, virtual reality and added reality, enhanced materials, intelligent structures, three dimension print of metal structures, hardened steel alloy metallurgy, coating resistant to corrosion, intelligent metal structures capable of automatic immediate adjustments in reaction to changes in the surrounding, modular construction, three dimension press of geotechnical structures, intelligent soil accumulation, soil enriched with fiber through geo- synthetic technology , all this beside constant emphasis on research and development have opened the way for Azarestan to embark on the phase of technology transfer.

Consequently, Azarestan is getting ready for licensing agreements, joint ventures, technology transfer offices, collaborative research agreements, technological assistance contracts, merges and acquisitions, franchising, creating spin offs and strategic alliances.