Administrative and Commercial Projects

Administrative and commercial relations have expanded and developed through time leading to emergence of giant structures and buildings that encompass various types of contacts and dealings among people.

As far as the throngs’ entrance and exit system and the management of crowd’s circulation are concerned, these huge constructions enter into vital interactions with the external environment including civil life leaving considerable effects on the welfare of people commuting to them, public services rendered to people, the culture predominant in the city and the main urban policies which are adopted.

The connection of macro - economic transactions with the expected life experience in this field inclusive of security, health and humanitarian considerations give rise to vast and necessary social, economic and even political concerns.

Therefore, the set of commitments undertaken by these projects remain intact for decades. Project managers, thus, have to maintain a quality level of work that respond to all these concerns in the long run.

Through several decades of active presence in this industry sector, Azarestan Company has accomplished a number of projects that, having passed their tests throughout time, testify to the competence, high quality work and the spirit of responsibility the company outstands for.