Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Improvement

Structure is rooted in the soil. The soil must, thus, be able to bear the structure in its grandure.

To solidify the ground of a structure, it is sometimes necessary to change the nature of the soil on which it is to be grounded. To do so, it is necessary to empirically know the soil first.

Baespar Pey – Iranian company has gathered all the requirements for such a mission including accurate observation instruments, sets of exact calculations and updated equipment for carrying out the task of changing the soil both in nature and location.

In the last …. Years, new equipment such as … has been added to the wealth of capacities the company possesses enhancing its technical skill as well as implementation potentiality so rapidly and widely to give it unrivalled combination of capacity.

This technological link added to the wealth Azarestan enjoys, culminates in the Group’s comprehensive operational capability.

Among the projects finalized in Azarestan, mention can be made of the following: