Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects

Oil was found in Iran almost one hundred years ago. The oil related industry in the country, is also almost one hundred years old.

Both the long history of oil industry and the presence and engagement of foreign players of various nationalities in the field, made it possible for the technical skill and knowledge of the field to grow and the actual management experience to flourish in Iran. This fact has left its profound impact on the approach and expectation of employers in this realm.

A characteristic peculiar to oil, gas and petrochemical industry makes projects of the field so complicated in the two levels of planning and implementation that prevent average players in the field to compete their giant rivals. That characteristic is the colossal amount of fluid material involved in the projects and the natural high sensitivity and risk accompanying them.

Azarestan is proud of a number of projects it has completed in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical on account of the long experience it has joined with constant learning and updating it never ceases to pursue. These projects pinpoint to the technical and technological capacities it has so far as operational processes are concerned.

Some of these projects are as follows: