Roja Tejarat Azarestan

Roja Tejarat – Azarestan is another company affiliated to Azarestan Development Business Group. It pioneers in the field of importing and distributing goods relevant to architecture and building decoration. It was founded in 2010 as a measure to fill in the wide gap seen then in domestic market with respect to import and provision of high quality goods pertinent to construction industry. At the first phase, the company obtained monopolized dealership from ten leading international brands all engaged in production and export of goods and commodities relevant to internal architecture and decoration designing. Through a decade of active presence in the field of importing and distributing the products of the best international brands stationed in Spain and Italy, with their unique designs, exemplary quality that met global standards of the day and as the result of their deployment in outstanding national projects in the country, the company achieved valuable experience with these brands and their products. Later on, the company passed to the stage of production. Merito brand was then unveiled. It’s product is Porcelain slabs that are in big dimensions produced in Iran according to the design by best Italian companies and meeting European high quality standards.